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For our signature Nano Microblading, we use the thinnest and smallest nano blade in the market to create realistic hairlike strokes. This service is highly detailed leaving each stroke to blend in seamlessly with your existing hairs creating a fuller look while remaining incredibly natural. Nano blades are not as traumatic on the skin like normal microblades.

We use the highest quality pigments in the market so that the color will not change over time -- they just merely fade.

*First session only. Touch-ups are only done on Fridays & are booked directly with Keysi



    • $800

      Initial Session - most clients are satisfied with one session.

    • $150

      6-8 Weeks Touch-up Session - for making adjustments to the shape & color

    • $300

      3-6 Month Touch-up Session - This session is to boost the color and/or adjust the shape. This session is not necessary! It is only optional for those clients that really want extra work or never had a 6-8 week touch-up.

    • $500

      8-18 Month Touch-up Session - pricing can vary depending on the amount of fading. This session is to boost the color and/or adjust the shape.


    What is Nanoblading?

    Nanoblading is a form of semi-permanent make-up in which we use a handheld blade tool, NOT a machine, to create realistic hairlike strokes. Each stroke blends in seamlessly with your existing hairs creating a fuller look whilst remaining incredibly natural. Pigment is placed within the most shallow part of the dermis, which yields for very natural looking results.

    We use the smallest nano blade in the market in order to achieve the most natural look possible. This also helps in creating less trauma to the skin.

    Is this technique right for me?

    If you are not one to paint your brows in, have dry/normal skin, and have pretty full brows, then you can opt for this service. For oily skin, retention rate will be shorter and the strokes might not heal as thin and crisp.

    Does Nanoblading hurt?

    Everyone has a different pain tolerance and it is subjective. In most cases, clients experience mild to no discomfort during the treatment. A topical numbing cream will be applied after the initial pass.

    For most clients, they will describe the feeling as a light scratching or similar to tweezing and that it's completely tolerable.

    We want clients to be as comfortable as possible while also ensuring that we do all that is possible to have great healed results!

    Do I have to tweeze/wax/thread my brows before?

    No, if you can, please come to the appointment with as natural of a look as possible that way we can map out your new eyebrow shape in accordance with your natural hair growth.

    How long does Nanoblading take to heal?

    There is essentially no downtime with this procedure. Some clients, however, do experience slight redness and possibly even slight swelling for the first couple of hours post-treatment.

    Your brows should be healed 7-15 days after your treatment. During this time it is crucial you strictly adhere to our aftercare instructions for optimal results!

    Do I need more than one session?

    Every client is different. It all depends on multiple factors (i.e. skin type, lifestyle, if medications are taken, skincare routine) and more importantly, the client's eyebrow goals.

    Most clients, however, find that one session is enough to achieve their goals. We will always recommend the touch-up to increase the longevity of the results.

    If a touch-up is needed/wanted, it's 6-8 weeks after the initial session and it is $150.

    How long does it last?

    It can typically last 8-18 months before a touch-up is needed to keep the look fresh. How often you need a touch-up all depends on how you treat the area as well as your skin, skincare routine, lifestyle, and age.

    How do you determine which brow shape is right for me?

    Our goal is to enhance your brows by creating a shape based on what you already have that will flatter your facial features. If you do not have any brow hair then we will create a shape strictly following your bone structure.

    Each set of brows is custom-tailored to that client. We do not copy and paste since everyone has unique facial features. We use multiple methods to determine which shape will better suite your facial structure.

    What is aftercare or healing like?

    Please visit THIS PAGE for more information regarding Nanoblading aftercare and the healing stages.