Meet Keysi Urribarri

Founder & Head Specialist/Trainer

Quickly becoming one of the most desired Nanoblading artists in Miami, FL, Keysi loves having the opportunity to help her clients gain confidence by giving them the brows or lips of their dreams by semi-permanent make-up. She takes great care to ensure that each client receives a personalized treatment tailored to their unique facial structure, needs and preferences.

Keysi has always been an incredibly creative person and used to spend her spare time drawing and painting since she was 5 years old but now uses her artistic skills to create magic in the form of semi-permanent make-up services. Her artistic background, paired with her extensive knowledge of luxury sales and customer service, has provided her with a unique skillset which she uses to give every one of her clients a high quality and luxurious experience from start to finish.

She currently holds 6 certificates of training & completion that include Microblading, Microblade & Shade, Powder Brows, Nano Brows, and Lip Blush. She regularly looks for new techniques to master so her clients can always expect her to use the most innovative technologies and methods. She is proudly one of the very few artists in FL that is a Board Certified Microblading Specialist with the AAM.

She strives to go above and beyond with every treatment she provides and to make each client feel comfortable. She loves what she does, and her passion for her craft is reflected in the quality of her work and every interaction she has.